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PRIVACY AND USER CONSENT (in compliance with GDPR规定)

The 体育外围平台 Industry Association (体育外围) is a global association of representing 整个体育外围平台产业链条. 本隐私政策描述了体育外围的 policies and practices regarding collection and use of your personal data, and 列出你的私隐权利. We recognize that 信息 privacy is an ongoing responsibility, and so we will continue to update this 隐私政策 as we undertake new personal data practices or adopt new privacy policies.

这 隐私政策 applies to our collection, use, disclosure, and protection 你的数据. It does not apply to third party websites, applications, or 服务. Before accessing, using, or interacting with our 服务, carefully review the terms and conditions of this 隐私政策. 服务是不 directed to children under the age of 16. 您不能使用体育外围的服务,如果您 未满16岁.

Collection and Use of Personal Information
We collect personal 信息 about our members and other customers. 这 信息 includes, but is not limited to, first name, last name, job title, employer name, work address, work 电子邮件, and work phone number. 这个信息 is used to provide members and customers with goods and 服务, including 会员 服务, event notifications, training, and more. 体育外围不卖 personal 信息 to anyone and only share it with third parties who are facilitating the delivery of our 服务.

When you become a member, we collect 信息 about you including (but not limited to) your name, your employer’s name, your work address, and your 电子邮件 address. We may also collect your personal 电子邮件 address, a personal mailing 地址,手机号码. 成员 may voluntarily provide additional 信息 in their 会员 profile, such as 信息 about their educational background, number of years in the industry, and the like. 成员 may edit their profile at any time to change, add, or remove personal 信息.

体育外围处理您的个人信息 会员 administration, to deliver member benefits, and to inform you of our events, content, and other benefits or opportunities associated with your 会员. We may also use this 信息 to help us understand our members’ 需要 and interests to better tailor our products and 服务 to meet your 需要.

We host events throughout the year, including our annual conference, webinars, 和培训(统称为“活动”). If you are a member and register for one of our events, we will access the 信息 in your member account to provide you with 信息 and 服务 associated with the event. 如果你不是 member and you register for one of our events, we will collect your name and contact 信息, which we will store in our database and use to provide you with 信息 and 服务 associated with the event. 如果你是一个演讲者 at one of our events, we will collect 信息 about you including your name, employer and contact 信息, and photograph, and we may also collect 信息 provided by event attendees who evaluated your performance as a 主持人. As an attendee, speaker, or sponsor/exhibitor, we will keep a record of your participation to provide you with post-event 信息 including details on upcoming events you may be interested in.

体育外围保留使用任何 photograph/video taken at our events, without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. 体育外围可以使用照片/视频 in publications or other media material produced, used or contracted including but not limited to: brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, 电视、网站等. To ensure the privacy of individuals, images will not be identified using full names or personal identifying 信息 without written approval from the photographed subject.

In addition to producing original content, we also subscribe to news feeds and blogs produced by others, which we often link to from our website. 这意味着 you may find yourself on our website or reading an 电子邮件 where we will offer you a link to another organization’s website for additional relevant content. At these times, you will be leaving our website. 体育外围没有责任 liable for content provided by these third-party websites or personal 信息 they may happen to gather from you.

你可以订阅体育外围的一些 没有成为会员的出版物. 以下列方式接收体育外围的邮件/通讯 电子邮件, you will need to create a profile with us, which involves providing us with at least your first name and last name, an 电子邮件 address, and the country 你生活的地方. We do not share this 信息 with any third party other than to store the 信息 in our database.

您可以通过以下方式管理您的订阅 subscribing or unsubscribing at any time. 如果你在管理上有困难 your 电子邮件 or other communication preferences, please contact us at info@holysmokethemovie.com.

If you correspond with us by 电子邮件, the postal service, or other form of communication, we may retain such correspondence and the 信息 contained in it and use it to respond to your inquiry; to notify you of our conferences, publications, or other 服务; or to keep a record of your complaint, 住宿要求,等. 用户可以选择不接收某些 communications by following the unsubscribe process described in an 电子邮件 communication, or by contacting our office directly.

Certain tools and settings are provided to help you access, correct, delete, or 修改您的个人信息.  体育外围欢迎您与体育外围联系 the 信息 we have collected about you, including the nature and accuracy of the data collected about you, to request an update, modification, or deletion of your 信息, to opt-out of certain 服务, or to withdraw 你可能已经同意了. Please note that if you choose to delete your 信息 or opt-out of the collection and use of your 信息, certain features may no longer be available to you.

As explained above, we process your data to provide you with the goods or 服务 you have requested or purchased from us, including 会员 服务, events, publications and other content, certification, and training. We use this 信息 to refine our goods and 服务 to better tailor them to your 需要 and to communicate with you about other 服务 we offer that may assist you in your career or otherwise help you to advance your career.

We may collect and store 信息 related to purchases if you choose to 从体育外围这里购买商品和服务. 您可以提供某些信息 complete payments, including your credit or debit card number, card expiration date, CVV code, and billing address (collectively, “支付信息”), along with your name and billing, and shipping address, to complete payment 交易. Per PCI Compliance, we do not accept credit card 信息 via 电子邮件. Credit card 信息 received via fax, phone, or mail is entered into a secure system and then deleted and destroyed.

As is true of most other websites, our website collects certain 信息 automatically and stores it in log files. 信息可能包括互联网 protocol (IP) addresses, the region or general location where your computer or device is accessing the internet, browser type, operating system and other usage 信息 about the use of our website, including a history of the 页面视图. We use this 信息 to help us design our site to better 符合体育外围用户的需求. We may also use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our website, analyze trends, track visitor movements, and gather broad demographic 信息 to assist us in 识别客人的偏好. Our website also uses cookies and web beacons. It does not track users when they cross to third party websites or provide targeted advertising to them, and therefore does not respond to Do Not Track (DNT)信号.

Information about your purchases are maintained in association with your 会员或个人资料帐户.

We do not otherwise reveal your personal data to third parties for their independent use unless: (1) you request or authorize it; (2) it’s in connection with any of our events as described above; (3) the 信息 is provided to comply with the law (for example, 遵守搜查令, 传票或法庭命令), 执行体育外围和你的协议, 或者保护体育外围的权利, 财产或安全, 或权利, 财产或安全 of our employees or others; (4) the 信息 is provided to our agents, vendors or service providers who perform functions on our behalf; (5) to address emergencies and (6) to address disputes, 索赔, or to persons demonstrating legal authority to act on your behalf.

Our website uses interfaces with social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. 如果你愿意 “like” or share 信息 from our website through these 服务, you should review the 隐私政策 of that service. 如果你是一个 social media site, the interfaces may allow the social media site to connect 您的网站访问您的个人数据.

成员 are allowed to share their 信息 through our 会员目录 to other members and visitors using this site. 会员被邀请加入 having their 信息 shared in the 会员目录. 成员信息 will only be shared in the 会员目录 if the member has opted-in to 分享这些信息.

Changes and Updates to the 隐私政策
By using this site, you agree to the terms and conditions contained in this 隐私政策. As our organization, 会员, and benefits change from time to time, this 隐私政策 is expected to change as well. 体育外围保留的 right to amend the 隐私政策 at any time, for any reason, without notice to you, other than the posting of the amended 隐私政策 on our website. We may e-mail periodic reminders of our notices and terms and conditions and will 给会员发电子邮件进行实质性变更.


If you have any questions or concerns about our data policies or practices, contact:

Dr. Nabeel Mancheri
Marnix Laan 30 Brussels 1000 Belgium Tel:+32466246131